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4 years  / Mommy And Thomas   Read >>
4 years  / Mommy And Thomas

so odd to sit back and think that wow it has really been 4 years.

I am so sad that you haven't gotten to be here to see this beautiful baby boy grow up... Thomas started pre school like 3 weeks ago HE LOVES IT and is doing so well. We miss being so far away from home but hope everyone knows how much we miss them and are sorry we couldn't be there today.will put flowers on your grave for me six peach roses... They looked beautiful. I hope you are having a blast up there I know if you could choose you would be here raising your little guy. TIll we meet again someday missing you always!


                  THomas and  Mommy 

Today / Erin Morehead (family friend )  Read >>
Today / Erin Morehead (family friend )
I just been thinking.......today it's been a year since Alice passed away.....
It's so hard......
Tommy you are lucky to be so loved.  That really shows what kind of person you were.  Kristen- I hope you are doing well.  Especially with that little boy of yours.  Mike-the door may be closed but there will always be love behind it, you sack of wine!  LOL I hope your good too.

There are only 3 choices in life.  Give up, give in, or give it all you got.  And Tommy, that is what you did! You gave it all you got, all the time and that will always count for something!!!!  God Bless! Close

2 years  / Kristin   Read >>
2 years  / Kristin
Hey sweetheart...

Two years wow... how is that possible it seems like just yesterday you were here with us making us laugh..... I never thought I could hurt this bad.... You were so full of life nothing coukd get you down and if it did I would be right there to bring you back up... together we made things happen.. nothing stood in our way... Our baby boy looks just like you.... Our little thomas... Every time he sees your pic on the computer he kisses the screen.... like it's normal.. he knows where to find his daddy. So many goals in life and too little time to get them all done... your life was deffinently cut way too short... I see people that walk away from their families or stupid stuff like that and I think do you know how many people never get the chance to have a family, to get married, to be there for the birth of their children or to see them grow up.... IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!
NO one realizes how precious life is how at the end of the day there is nothing better then comeing home to the people you love the most.... You changed my life forever I don't think I could have gotten through losing you without you making me such a tough person.... lol and the wonderful gift you gave me... Our son is the light of my life! without him I don't know where I would be.. I called your dad the other day I still havent heard back from him??? WHo knows... Gramdma and grandpa are doing well. mike just moved in with his girlfriend....  brad and shellie are married so are jason and dez.... as for me tyler, ryan, eric, and gabe we are the same lol Everyone gets their chance at happiness and I'm sure those boys will find it someday.... as for me I don't know if I will ever get past this.... everyone says I'm young and I will find love... who knows maybe there is only one true love... I'm ok with that I can love you forever till we meet again... Well I miss you SO much... I love you and We think of you and talk about you all the time!!!! LOVE YOU BABY!
                          Love always and forever
                            Kristin and thomas                          
new company  / Erin Morehead (friend)  Read >>
new company  / Erin Morehead (friend)
Hey Tommy, I just wanted to say hi to you.  My Aunt Alice just passed away from an over-dose and I wanted to create a memorial website for her, I got to thinking about you and thought I would post on here for the first time.  She was my very best friend, she was always there for me, she always had my back when I kept making bone head decisions (especially about my love life!) except for when I decided to get married to the greatest man there is.  She was there when my twins were in the hospital.   At her funeral I told her to look you up, she needed someone to party with when she got there.  Please show her the ropes,  like you-she was taken way to soon.  Tell Kristen to post some pics of Thomas and help your brother Mike find happiness and contentment in whatever he is trying to find, and let him know when he has found it!!  I named one of my newborn daughters after Alice before she died and she never got to hold her or see her.  I know you and her are looking out for the babies that you two never met. Close
Wedding for Brad and Shellie  / Kristin (Fiance)  Read >>
Wedding for Brad and Shellie  / Kristin (Fiance)
Hey sweetie 

Brad and shellies  wedding was saturday!! it was beautiful!
The only problem is that they were a grooms man short...
I watched as all of your closest guys stand at the front of a building to be there for Brad and I couldn't help but be so sad... I know life is full of so many changes but damn why did it have to be us... Our life our Family was just beginning  and it's just not fair!!! I know you were there in spirit but I wanted you there to hold me I wanted you there to make everyone laugh with your silly dancing, your off the wall comments. but most of all  you saying Kristin thats gonna be us someday... Just think how crazy our wedding will be lol I can't even recall all the times we talked about it... I'm guessing you came to visit us this morning lol chasing thomas around the bed he laughes and laughed for like ten minutes trying to get away from something lol  I know it was you... I still feel you in bed a lot when I fall asleep... 2 years is coming up and I still remember the last conversation we had and honey I am so0 sorry I will never forgive myself... Of all the things I tried to help you understand the most inportant being love and the power of it... I didn't even say it... and I'm sorry that I didn't go looking for you that night I wanted you to have your time... but you know that wasn't me it was my job to watch over you and keep youy safe and I let you down.... I AM SO SORRY!!! But you know I love you more than anything ever.
I Love you always and Forever!!!!
Wats good?  / Kyle Houser (My Guy )  Read >>
Wats good?  / Kyle Houser (My Guy )
Hey tommy wats up brotha? man I just wanna thank you for always lookin out for me and my sister and thomas and everyone...it means a lot..man I wish you was here to see Thomas growning up..but I know you are...you see him everyday..I kno he see's you too...but man I just wanted to drop by and say I missed you.. Close
Its been awhile  / Paige Drook (Friend)  Read >>
Its been awhile  / Paige Drook (Friend)
It has been awhile since i have got on here and wrote you but i wanted you know that you are in my thoughts and you created an amazing baby boy I love Thomas more than anything. Tommy I really want you to watch over Kyle and I know you are, I know that your watching over all of them. Sometimes I wonder if things would have been different if you were here. If me and K would be as close as we are and would we have a friendship. Things are hard at times and I know I never got to meet you but I do think of you and I do think of your time here on earth. Well spread your wings and fly in the sky. 
Paige. Close
Saying Hello...  / Natasha Brannon (Friend)  Read >>
Saying Hello...  / Natasha Brannon (Friend)

Came across your page today...I was talking to Cyndi Sue she said hey you know you are Tommy's memorial site...I knew you were gone I remember the phone call from cyndi...but seeing you today it all hit me....I read some of your letters..You are missed greatly by many..
I remember the funny little things you used to do and we would all laugh so hard we would cry. U were a awesome guy and still are. I am sure you are shocking them all up there!!!

Your son is cute...I think he looks just like his daddy...How lucky are you..Watching over him...

I remember seeing you with my husband at the tattoo place to embarrased to say Hi...If I known It would of been the last time I seen you I would of said Hello and so much more....lol!!!

I know you are up there laughing at us all...Saying haha...I see you!

You are missed and hey by the way be good up there don't shock them to much...I will see you again!

With lots of good memories......Tasha**

happy birthday lil brother  / Mike Gates (brother)  Read >>
happy birthday lil brother  / Mike Gates (brother)
just letting u know  u will alway's be remembered and thought of. not a day goes by tommy that i don't think about or talk about u. half of my life now i just sit and remenise on the times we've had. they will never be topped. u were the greatest man and i still can't beleive ur gone sometimes. i think about the worst night in my life and i think about how thing's could've been differen't. what could have been done to prevent what happened. but i guess that's all in the past now. i just wanted to let u know u will alway's be missed and never forgotten and i dream of the day we are reunited.      happy birthday tommy. i love u Close
number 23  / Eric Benner (friends-part of the crew )  Read >>
number 23  / Eric Benner (friends-part of the crew )

I'm a mix of emotions today  thinking about all the good times we've had- bowling, hanging out at my dad's house, cruising around in the Honda (it's still looking just as sweet as ever dude, you got my word on that).  Or our whole crew packed into one room (or sometimes a closet)  and having the time of our lives.  You can still crack me up too- some of your most famous lines can never be forgotten- even on my shittiest days I can think of you calling Jade a "goof-dick"  or you and Kristen and your misadventures in my closet (sorry Kristen)  and I can't help but laugh.  

So on your birthday It's hard not to think about all the good times that should have been.  But at least we have our memories and the knowledge that you're always watching out for everybody in our crew.  I'll see you later my dude.  Happy Birthday Tommy.

thinking of you  / Mike (brother/bestfriend)  Read >>
thinking of you  / Mike (brother/bestfriend)
word!!!!!!  what's up my dude. how's thing's going up there? got to be better than what goes on around here. eric finally found him a decent woman, man i was starting to get worried about that man.  i saw that new texas chainsaw massacre man that's crazy.  man i sure do miss the time's we had but i guess we still have plenty of time for more when i get up there.  shit i just don't want to wait that long.  jan talked me into doing this thing with my space and damn i have never felt so computer illiterate in my life.  she say's just do this and just do that but i'll be damned if i can get it to do anything.  the kid's are getting big they talk about you all the time.  kayla swear's you and her grandpa are sitten together eatin bean's and cornbread  no matter how many time's i tell that's not really your kind of food.  i got the start of a new tatoo of tom tom's initial's on my leg . like i said it's just a start it still need's alot of work.  grandpa is killing me with all these home improvement's hell the house don't even look the same anymore.  i went bowling with eric the other day  after taking a three month vacation as you know and still broke out with some 200's.  hell ya!!!  well shit man i'm gonna get off here for now .  check in on me from time to time .      love ya .        peace out my dude. Close
warm weather  / Ashley (godmom to son )  Read >>
warm weather  / Ashley (godmom to son )
man it has been forever since i have been on here.  little man is getting so big, i haven't seen him in a while though.  the weather is finally starting to get warm around here and all the cars are starting to come out.  thats what made me think of you, seeing all the rice burners come out to play!! lol  well i'll check ya some other time! Close
Funny Story  / Cyndi Schutte (ex-sister in law\Friend )  Read >>
Funny Story  / Cyndi Schutte (ex-sister in law\Friend )
Hey you your birthday is coming up so if i don't make it back on here happy birthday......my mom's birthday is today if you see her tell her tell her i said hi and i miss you both.  Bryce still talks about you i guess you would be surprised what a six year old remembers...although you would be a hard person to forget thats for sure i think about you and see tall skinny young men with short hair and even to this day i have to look twice....I do wish things could have turned out differently for you i guess only the good die young....We love and miss you bunches!! your always in our thoughts....
cyndi and bryce Close
MAN / Kyle Houser   Read >>
MAN / Kyle Houser

Hey Tommy I havent been on here in a long time...but I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I miss you and wish you was here man..I have went bowlin a lot here lately..thanks for the strikes lol...

Happy Valentines Day!!  / Kristin Houser (fiance')  Read >>
Happy Valentines Day!!  / Kristin Houser (fiance')
Hey sweetheart,

To just think last year at this time Our son was getting his first shots... our little baby boy... Now he walks, runs, dances, and laughs he loves puppies! Lady and the Tramp is his favorite movie.... His favorite cartoons are blue's clues, the backyardagains, and the amazing wonder pets... He has a wonderful little personality!!
I see so much of you in him! The little looks when he's doing somehing he shouldn't be, when he gives me kisses even when he lays in bed next to me! lol He is so wonderful and we are blessed to have such a wonderful son... I couldn't have made it through the past year and four months without him! 
But back to the point of today!!!

Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life!!!! I will never forget you!! you live on through your son.... Your memory lives on through all of us that love you we have so many wonderful thoughts/ stories!!

         Love you forever and always baby!!

                          Love Kristin
Happy birthday Thomas  / Kristin &. Thomas (Mommy and baby )  Read >>
Happy birthday Thomas  / Kristin &. Thomas (Mommy and baby )
Today we celebrated Thomas's first birthday... You were missed SO MUCH!!! He got so many toys and clothes.... We are so thankful for the people that are there for us in our lives though we miss you more then you will ever know we are taken care of by your family and dearest friends..

                                      Love you forever and always
                                           Mommy and Thomas
hey / P. DROOk (NoNe)  Read >>
hey / P. DROOk (NoNe)
Just wanted to stop by and say I love you ..
       PAiGELEe :o) Close
hey / Amber Bailor (none i just wanted to say hi )  Read >>
hey / Amber Bailor (none i just wanted to say hi )

hey everyone i came to this site and from the time i started to the time i was finished i cried i found this site through another i just wanted to say hey tommy i didnt know u but from all the wonderful things that everyone have been saying about u any one can tell that u were loved and are still loved and missed by soo many ppli think i have deffinetly learned from this site not to take anything for granted bcuz u will never know wut will happen i have lost a few ppl in the last few years but not my boyfriend i love him more than anything in the world and as soon as i talk to him i gonna make sure i tell him that i love him!** i cant even imagime what i would do without him but u r soo lucky to have a loving gf/fiance and a wonderful baby boy that love you soo much so even know i dont know u i love ya byez!!!

Just stoping by  / PAiGE DROOk (A FRiEND UNKNoWN )  Read >>
Just stoping by  / PAiGE DROOk (A FRiEND UNKNoWN )
Hey Tommy ,
  Hey I hope your day has went alright .. I just wanted to stop by and say that you are missed and loved so much .. I know you are looking down on Thomas he is just so cute .. I love that boy and I know you do too .. You have changed alot of people in so many ways .. I know even for me I never met you Ive seen you but never got the chance to talk .. But just know my heart goes out to you and that even though we never talked I still love you .. stay strong and watch out for Kirstin and Thomas ..
PAiGELEE :o) Close
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