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i have gone through it  / HALEY (NONE JUST HEARD BOUT THIS )  Read >>
i have gone through it  / HALEY (NONE JUST HEARD BOUT THIS )
well im 13 and i was reading some of these things and the one with the wife and the other with the brother got me crying i know its hard i lost some one in 2005 two his name was ben bowen and um if u would like ot see his site u can go to but my prays are with you and i dont know actually what thomas jr i think is his name but i dont know actually what he will go through growing up with out his daddy but i do know one thing people will say u will get over it and forget but i dont know one child who has ever or will ever forget his daddy see my parents are divorced and have been since i was 6 i dont see my daddy much maybe twice a year and he is getting really sick and close to dieing so im just asking but could u pray for him his name is steve mills sorry im making this about me but any way tom im sure no wait positve you where a great guy evan though i never evan met you shoot now im crying but tom im sure u will never be forgotten well


I miss you bunches  / Cyndi Schutte (sister-in-law..Frien-d)  Read >>
I miss you bunches  / Cyndi Schutte (sister-in-law..Frien-d)
What it would be to hear see had such a precence and you still do even now your name is mentioned and a thousand thoughts and memories go through my head.  I knew about your bowling memorial but I couldn't go I have a lot going on right now and mike and I are divorced and I'm sure you know that He has moved on and so have I but that doesn't take away the fact that I love you and miss you and wish you were here with kristen and little tommy ( he looks just like you) I know we had our issues from time to time but you knew that no matter the situation I was there for you and if you needed to talk all you had to do is call me like you did so many times.....I miss that  
I just wanted to say I'm sorry I wasn't there that night and I'm sorry for everything bad that you and I went through and I'm very thankful for all the good times!!!

You did win
Cyndi and Bryce
im so sorry  / Ashley (godmom to little Thomas )  Read >>
im so sorry  / Ashley (godmom to little Thomas )
tommy i am so sorry that i didn't go to your party.  and i am so sorry that i didn't come see you.  i promise you that i wanted to, but i just don't think that i could have lived down crying in front of everyone!  everytime i think of everything that thomas is going to miss out on it breaks my heart.  i know you and i had our differences but i would never kept you away from him and it breaks my heart that he will have to learn about his dad through stories and pictures.  i know kristin is probably mad at me for not showing up and i haven't called her to apologize for not coming.  i can only hope that she understands.  you are missed greatly by everyone and i am sure your boys gave you a party to never be forgotten.  stay out of trouble and keep shine down on your son every night. Close
Wow / Kyle Houser   Read >>
Wow / Kyle Houser
Wow tommy it has already been a I miss you..everyone does...there is a bowling tournament for you on Sunday you know I will be kinda sucks though becuase everyone that will be there is pretty good at bowling and I am just ok...I dont my sister seems so lost at times with out can just look in her eye and see the love she has for you...and as for lil he is a beast...he is growling at is and tyler went and clowned around at the Greenwood was sister said we remind her of you and tyler....I just wish my sister could see you one more time..that would make her life not her day her touched so many really did.....I mean there is people that dont even know you that you affected...I met your dad yesterday....Tommy all I can say is just be with me and everyone...just watch over us....I cant wait to see me a place....I love you Tommy Close
Thinking of You!!  / Paige Drook (NoNe)  Read >>
Thinking of You!!  / Paige Drook (NoNe)
     Hey I know it's been awhile and I haven't been on here.. .But I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you have made an amazing baby. . .Thomas is so big now and he is just a sight!!! I love him to death!!! You have a bowling Tournment Sunday. . .I'm gonna I'm that good but hey you were so maybe you can come down on them angel wings of yours and swing me a strike!!! But you are very missed and loved. . .Cant wait for the day I get to meet you face to face. . .Love You!!!!!

P.S. I thought it was impossible to love someone I had never met but for some odd reason I have grown and I have watched the people around me and I look into their eyes and see how much joy you brought to their and I cant help but love you too. ..
it's been one year  / Mike Gates (brother)  Read >>
it's been one year  / Mike Gates (brother)
it's been a year little brother and i still can't beleive your gone.
everyone say's time heel's all pain . i'm beginning to think they lie'ed becouse i hurt now just as bad as i did a year ago. every day i wait for you to come through that door and say whutup but i know it's not going to happen. i just don't know what to do with my life anymore man. for as long as i can remember it's revolved around you and now i just feel so lost. noone has ever been on my side like you were no matter what i did you alway's had my back i'm just so alone.i miss you so much little brother i just don't know how i'm gonna do it without you. still run in to people all the time that don't know your gone and you don't how hard it is to have to go through the whole episode with them.Lt's getting so big i can't beleive it. but then again you were a fat ass at his age too. explain that one. there is so much going on in this life today that i know whould not be going on if you were still here but i guess that's what death is about. thing's change people change but it just kill's me to have to see it. i met a new woman who i care alot about. she say's she new you but i guess that's not so hard to beleive since kristin is the one who hooked us up.i talk about you every day like you were still here. i promised i would never let you be forgotten and if it's the only one i ever keep it will be that one. eric and i still cruse the honda quite frequently and steadily talk about all the you do to make us laugh and all the thing's you do that make us say "you dumb ass" but that's ok you can be a dumb ass and get away with cause your "TOMMY"well i'm gonna go for now. it's getting hard to see now. i just hope you know your still my world and you alway'swill be. by the way cyndi say's you win. i replaced my wedding ring with your bowling ring ha ha see you later bro. I LOVE YOU Close
sorry / Heidi Brady (none)  Read >>
sorry / Heidi Brady (none)
im so sorry to hear about tomy, i know if my boyfriend ever passed away i would feel the same way. i bet he is up in heaven right now watching over u and your baby. you and your family+tommys family is in our prayers. Close
Whats up my Guy  / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
Whats up my Guy  / Kyle Houser (Friend)
Hey Tommy wats up....nuthin here just bein me...I havent been on here in a really long time..I am sorry..but u know I am thinkin about you...I miss you so much...I saw eric yesterday in your car..I got so happy when I saw your car but then I didnt see you in it....I just wish I could see you one more time..I wish we could have been a lot sucks...I just wanna be a part of the crew..I just want to have you back..and I want Thomas to have a DAD.....I know you would have been a great DAD.....I will watch over Thomas until the day I die...I swear...I miss you Close
just checking in  / Ashley (godmother of his son )  Read >>
just checking in  / Ashley (godmother of his son )
hey tommy what is happenning up there in the big place?  i wish you were here for your first fathers day!  i bought thomas a cute onsie that says i  daddy it was the first thing for a boy that i had seen like that. actually bill found it at old navy so you know i had to get it for my little man.  i went with kristin to his last dr. visit and you'll be happy to know he is healthy as a horse.  well just thought that i would let you know i was thinking about you talk at ya later.   Close
Hey tommy whats crackin  / Katie Kominek (No relation what so ever )  Read >>
Hey tommy whats crackin  / Katie Kominek (No relation what so ever )

hay tommy, 
                             After reading what happened i started to cry , it must be hard for all your friends and family to go through this!!!!!!!!!!!! when i read that you were expecting a new born baby it made me think of how sad it must be for your little boy to go through life only seeing videos and pictures of you and not seeing you till he passed him self!!  I know that i would be sad if i never met my dad!!! 

                    Best of luck to your friends and family!!!
                                            Katie Jo Kominek

I had to do this  / Katlyn Williams (I dont have one )  Read >>
I had to do this  / Katlyn Williams (I dont have one )
Dear Tommy,
 When i saw the website your family made you i knew that you have been loved very much. If i knew you i would love you . Just hearing your stroy i started to cry. Even though i dont know you i hop e to see you in heaven when i pass.
                                           I love you, 
                                              Katlyn Ann Williams
love you  / Kristin   Read >>
love you  / Kristin

Fathers day  / Kristin   Read >>
Fathers day  / Kristin

Happy Fathers Day Baby!!

         Love Always and Forever

hi / Megan H.   Read >>
hi / Megan H.
Hi I dont know you but I found this site when I pulled up "She's in love with the boy"  I almost cried when I read this.  I hope your family overcomes this tragedy and i wish u the best.  I will keep u in my prayers. Close
Just checking in  / Kristin   Read >>
Just checking in  / Kristin
Hey sweetie 

I just thought I would stop by to say hi and tell you what's going on...
Jason and Desire got married a few weeks ago and they just found out they are expecting! I know you hold their little baby that they lost in your arms and keep it safe... But I am so thankful they get another chance!! :)
I miss you so much and I am so sad that I see everyone having babies and getting married because I know I won't get that with you it's not fair... We were special different than any other couple I know. That will never change no matter what!! Just know that I miss you and I love you!
Thomas is getting SO big!!!! I'm not sure when he goes to the doctor again but last time he weighed 15' 10 1/2 crazy!!  I talk about you every day to him... last night we watched the home video of you at the bowling alley.... I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear your voice! Sometimes I feel like I am forgetting more and more everyday it's sad and it makes me so angry!!!!! I try to hold on you will always be there no matter what!!

                                                         Love always and forever Kristin
I didn't kno u but  / Travis Ernes   Read >>
I didn't kno u but  / Travis Ernes
I didn't kno u tommy but from wat i have been reading u seem like a great guy.....i wish u wouldn't had to leave b4 u seen ur son.....i started to read all of this and i started to cry.....from wat i read all ur family and friends miss u.......Well they is all i have to say......bye Tom Close
just thought it would be cute...  / Starlene Balch (no)  Read >>
just thought it would be cute...  / Starlene Balch (no)
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Happy Birthday  / Kristin   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Kristin

Happy Birthday baby!!

I Miss you SO much! Life isn't the same without you!
I will never be the same you impacted my life SO much you know some people think I am a bitch now LOL
Who would have thought huh... lol where did I get that from??
Our boy is getting SO big! he had his shots today... running a little bit of a fever... He weighed 15.10 oz. Mike went with me today I was glad I got to see him today...
Other then that your family is doing fine.. besides that we miss you like crazy!!!
lol you will never guess who is going to be a daddy again??? Brad yep him and Shellie are pregnant! who would have ever guessed??
Jason and Deserie got married a few weeks ago it was beautiful we all had a good time you were thought of and missed!
Tears were shed by all!
I wish we would have had our day but I know I will see you again.... Don't worry baby we will still spend forever together!!

                                          *~ <3 Love always and Forever <3~*

srry / Not Telling Not Telling (i dont know him )  Read >>
srry / Not Telling Not Telling (i dont know him )
Im sorry you had to go like this I know your family misses you alot! Close
Happy Birthday  / Kara Dorna   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Kara Dorna
Hey Tommy - i just wanted to tell you happy birthday and you are still missed everyday! you have a beautiful lil son!! keep watching over us
Kara Close
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