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Thinking Of You  / Paige Drook (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking Of You  / Paige Drook (Friend)
Hey Tommy!! The Other Day I Felt That You Were With Me...I Talk To You All The Time...Sometimes It Gets Hard You Being Gone And Looking At Lil' T Knowing You Cant Be Here With Him...But I Know Your With Him Just We Cant See...Tommy Hes a Sight I Love That Baby To Death!!! Hes So Cute And So Sweet!!! When I Look In His Eyes I See Apart Of You Its Amazing...You Did A Wonderful Job On Bringing Him Into This World...Please Keep Him And Kristin Safe...Watch Over Us...Hope Your Doing Good Up In The Big Sky Of Wonders...Love You!!!--Paige-- Close
be with him  / Kristin   Read >>
be with him  / Kristin

Hey babe!           Heart1i

We got the the call this moring that Chris didn't make it!
Tell him we will all do our best to take care of Kristy, it will be so hard for her but he will always be there watching over her. Chris had many many friends who plan on helping Kristy in the days to come. She is very lucky! Chris doesn't have anything to worry about!
Tell him that we all miss him and that we love him he will be in our hearts and memories always!
Your two better keep out of trouble up there!!
They have their hands full...

Send our love! Keep us safe! BE GOOD!!

                                                               Love always and forever

miss you  / Kristin   Read >>
miss you  / Kristin
hey sweetie           Heart1i

Well our little guy has been sick!
He can't have formula he is "Intolerant" but not allergic! lol whatever
He has been doing much better now...
Chris Scott is not doing well he had a brain aneurism.
It's sad there are so many people there for him right now supporting him and his family. But I'm sure he feels very alone and scared. Kristy hasn't left his side or his mom or Kristy's mom are always there. ( What I wouldn't have done to have precious days like that with you.) Everyone is blessed for this time. Please be at his side let him know that no matter what happens he is loved and he will be safe!
No one should have to go through the things that we have been through. to have so much love in your heart for someone that you just are lost without them. There are many days I find myself in a blank stare not knowing where to go from moment to moment. I pray Kristy won't have to go through this.
I showed BIG JAMES a picture of the baby he said he's beautiful!
I know you would have been so happy to show off your boy!
Tommy please watch over us and keep us safe! Be with Chris tell him we are all praying for him and that we love him!
I love you baby and I miss you!!

                                                              Love always and forever
                                                                        Kristin Close
Hey Tommy  / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
Hey Tommy  / Kyle Houser (Friend)
Hey Close
Update / Kristin   Read >>
Update / Kristin
Hey babe!Heart1i
We went to the doctor the other day and since his last appt our boy has gained 11 oz. that puts him at 6.9 lbs!
That is more than 1 oz. a day!! He is getting so big and he is beautiul!
We miss you so very much!!
Watch over us and keep us safe!

                                                                Love always and forever
                                                                      Kristin Close
Congratulations / Erica Norris (None)  Read >>
Congratulations / Erica Norris (None)

Congratulations on your new baby boy. I know it's probably been hard for you. My fiancee (William "Matt" Jones) was murdered Nov. 6th. I am now 27 weeks pregnant with his child. It really hurts knowing that he will not be here for the birth of his child and for the future of her

...Your The Daddy Upstairs...  / Paige Drook (A Future Friend )  Read >>
...Your The Daddy Upstairs...  / Paige Drook (A Future Friend )
Hey Tommy! What’s Up? I was just reading what everyone had put…It brought tears to my eyes…I know you were something special here on earth… I guess they needed you upstairs…My cousin is there maybe you’ve met her? I know you two are looking down on everyone…We all miss you so much! There will never be another like you…From what I’ve heard your crazy..l0l..Kyle always told me how you weren’t scared of no one and I just wish Kyle would have spent some time with you so maybe some of you could rub off on him…Even though your not here you have taught Kyle so many things…Kirstin is WONDERFUL mommy…I know she loves Lil’ Thomas being here…He’s so precious…Me and Kyle are going shopping today for everybody…I wish I could spend Christmas with everybody…I know its going to be hard…For Christmas you want the whole family and even with just one missing it aches…I know a lot of people are sitting down just thinking about you and saying o0o he’ll be here soon…Its so unreal…You never think someone you love is going to be gone…Tommy you were a wonderful person and you taught so many people so many things…I know it feels your job wasn’t done here on earth…but I guess the man upstairs did…You put another life into this world…James Thomas Smith-Houser…He’s an amazing kid…He’ll grow up with so many people…You had wonderful friends and I know they all have been a great help to Kirstin…Kirstin is an amazing woman…I love her more then anything and I think the world of her…I know she is fantastic mother…Its just hard without you…Tommy I love you even though I hardly you know…I hate I got to know you when your gone… But I do know one thing you were loved by so many people…I never thought I could cry over someone I don’t know but I guess I was wrong… Keep Sendin' signs we need them...Your missed and loved…We’ll see you soon…LoVe yOu!! Close
Merry Christmas  / Kristin   Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Kristin

Tommy,                Heart1i  

Merry Christmas baby!!
It doesn't seem right that you are gone today on the first christmas of our baby! He grows more and more everyday. We had a doctor appt last Thursday he gained 3 oz.
Know that you are in our hearts and in our thoughts like always today!
It's your first christmas in heaven and I'm sure you feel surrounded by the love and grace of God you never feel alone and even though this is one of the hardest days yet for us we will make it through because we all rely on eachother and we know the peace that you have now found we just can't wait to join you. Keep our place warm in heaven with you!!! We will be with you again to spend forever! Remember that you will be in our hearts and in our thoughts everday, all-day forever and always! You may be gone but you are never forgotten!!! We miss you and we Love you!! 
                                                    Love forever and always

Need Your Guidance  / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
Need Your Guidance  / Kyle Houser (Friend)
Hey Tommy whats nothing it is like 7:35 a.m. and Lil T is right here..he is so cute...Tommy I need your help and guidance right now more than ever...a lot of things are going on in my life and no one realizes what is going on...everyone thinks I am alright....everyone is saying I am acting real upset but no one understands...I dont know what to do anymore..I am comfused about everything....I feel like everytime I try to do something right, everyone thinks it is so wrong...that is not a good feeling...I just try to be perfect for everyone and i feel like I cant meet up to anybody's expectations...I dont know it is just so hard and no one realizes what is going on...I dont know.....well i am gonna try to go back to sleep....Lil T is straight I am taking care of him to best of my ability...I love him so much...he is everything to me...I wont ever let him hurt...I am gona me and guide me...I miss you...I love you Close
Thanks for my christmas present  / Kristin Houser   Read >>
Thanks for my christmas present  / Kristin Houser

Hey baby!Heart1i

Our little boy (James Thomas Smith) was born on December12th! He is so beautiful. Thank you so much for making sure he got here before christmas! Yesterday we had christmas at your grandma and grandpa's. Everyone held him and just thinks he is beautiful. You were missed but we also know that you were with us. Mike carried on your tradition he passed out the gifts like you did every year. Your brother loves you so much and he misses you! You and everyone else thought that you looked up to him but he's told me that he looked up to you, he wanted to be just like you your life was so amazing to him your personality your boldness, just everything! I bet that makes you proud! You touched so many people! My brother wants to be a big time bowler now I'm trying to teach him things that I learned just by watching and listening to you!
It really has helped him a little, hard to believe I can't even believe the things I tell him to work sometimes :) But then again we always truly listened to eachother we made every moment good or bad count. I still feel cheated out of SO MUCH not a second goes by that I don't think of you a thousand times. Little Tommy is beautiful!!!!!!
He is a part of both of us something I will treasure for the rest of my life. He will know all about his daddy! Don't worry no one will replace you in either of our lifes! I love you so much! Miss you baby. I know your always right next to me watching over us!      
                                          Love always and forever

Hey / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
Hey / Kyle Houser (Friend)
Lil T is one week old today...he is so cool...Tommy I miss you a lot...right now I have a lot of things going on in my life..and I just want you to guide me and show me what is wrong and what is right and what to do and what not to do....just guide me and help me out...I hope and pray that you will do that for me...Tommy I am taking real good care of Lil T...I WILL continue too forever...well I am gonna go Love ya Man..
Until Then  / Paige Drook (NoNe)  Read >>
Until Then  / Paige Drook (NoNe)
HeYy Tommy!! I Miss You...Lastnight I Seen Kirstin She Was At The Bowling Alley...Everytime I Think Of The Bowling Alley I Think Of You...I Know I Never Got To Meet You But I Still Hurt Because I Never Had The Privilege To Meet You Face To Face....But I Know This Short...Make Sure You Watch Over Everybody And Keep Us Safe...You Still Live With Us In Our Hearts...Until Then...<3 Close
hey / Paige Drook (None)  Read >>
hey / Paige Drook (None)
Hey Tommy!!! Last night I talked to Lil’ T he’s so cute!!! I love that baby…You did a great job…Everybody misses you so much…I hardly knew you and I miss you…Just know that you will live on forever….I just don’t even know what to say…Its so unreal…I wrote on my cousin she was only 17 when she passed…You guys had a lot in common both funny has ever and young…It just feels like you haven’t completed you job here on earth…I know this is short but I am going to go…But know I love you and miss you!! ---Paige--- Close
Sup my guy  / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
Sup my guy  / Kyle Houser (Friend)
Hey Tommy...I am sitting here with Lil T...he is my guy...I love him so much..I just cry some nights becuase I wish you were here...not just for the baby or for Kristin...but for me too..I wish I would have hanged out with you a lot were such a cool sister and they boys and "Uncle Mike" LoL have told me so much about you that I would have never thought of about you in my whole life..Tommy you were a great friend no matter what stuff we went through...Me and Paige are gonna be there for that baby no matte what...I know you have met her cousin Jonna she is real cool too...Paige has told me a lot about her...and I tell her a lot about and Paige both went through a lot of hurt just months apart...I never knew how much I cared about you until you were gone and that kills me..I love this baby..he doesnt would have loved him more than anything...I just wish you where and Paige where talking about and we just wish you could hold him and kiss we all know you are in the room with him right now...but I mean really touch him...I miss you so much...I am getting into bowling..I am not that good but I can hook the ball so I am crunk...I am gonna get better I know you are helping helped me get that dollar at Jackpot...yea boy I was crunk that night...Tommy I just wish you were here right now...I miss you real bad...well Tommy I am gonna go...I miss you and I love you so much Tommy. Love Kyle

...Swoop'n Down...  / Paige Drook (None)  Read >>
...Swoop'n Down...  / Paige Drook (None)
HeYy Tommy!!! Lastnight i heard the baby cry...Kyle was singing to him...l0l...I know if you were still here you would be with baby T' all the time...He's a wonderful baby...Tomorrow I think I'm going over to Kyle's and I'm going to get to see the baby...I'll give him a kiss for you... I know each night before he goes to sleep you swoop down and take your rounds with him...I know you've held him...I know you've kissed him...and I know you love him... Tommy hes apart of you...No one has or will ever forget you...Not everyone is perfect and you know that...but i know your in heaven now walking the streets with a smile on your face...You would have been a great dad...Lil' T is going to know about you and love you...As Kyle would say hes gonna be a beast...l0l...Tommy i know you and Kyle didnt get along the best but he thought the world of you and hes really sad that he didnt take the time to get to know you because now he realizes what a wonderful guy you were... He talked about you all the time about how you were going to teach him to drive a stick and how you wanted him to come over and how you and Kirstin wanted to go swimming so you could talk to him about life...Dont think he missed out because he talks to you every night and i know you send him signs...Tommy I Love You and i think you are a great person but an amazing angel...See You Soon! Love You!! --Paige-- Close
...Keep Those Strikes Comen...  / Paige Drook (None)  Read >>
...Keep Those Strikes Comen...  / Paige Drook (None)
HeYy Tommy! I Know You Know Who I Am...And I Know Who You Are...Ive Never Met You But I Have Heard ALOT About You...You Were An Amazing Person...Kristin Is Such A Wonderful Woman...As You Know Your Baby Boy Came Into The World Monday! Hes So Cute! I Know When People Look At Him They Are Going To See Apart Of You In Him...Kyle Is Really Into Bowling Now...Its Because Of You... He's Always Saying YeaHh Tommy Is Going To Help Me Get This Strike l0l...Hes The Best But Within Time He'll Get Better!! Everybody Talks About How Great You Were And How Good Of Dad You Would've Made...Even Though Your Gone We All Know Your Still Here...Kirstin Had Talked To You The Other Night...It Would Have Been Sunday Night Early Early Monday Morning...She Just Needed Know You Were Still There And You Were Because Little Tommy Came Awhile After That...Tommy Hes The Cutest Little Baby...He Gets To Go Home Today...That Baby Has So Much Love Around... Your Brother And All Your Friends And Family Have Been A Wonderful Help...Tommy You Were An Amazing Guy And Even Though I Never Got To Meet You I Feel Like I Know You...I Talk To You Every Night As Well As My Cousin Jonna...I Know You Guys Are In A Better Place...You Both Were Angels On Earth Causin Drama So I Know Your Livin It Up In Heaven...See Ya Soon...Love You!! --Paige-- Close
Hey man  / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
Hey man  / Kyle Houser (Friend)

Hey Tommy I just got back from seeing little Tommy...he is real tight LoL...I will take real good care of him..I wish you were here to take part in all sister misses you so much..she did so should be proud of her...I know you are...well I just wanted to drop in and tell you everything...well tommy I will talk to you later love ya


your lil guy  / Kara Dorna   Read >>
your lil guy  / Kara Dorna
Tommy - i'm sure you already know but your lil guy is finally here and he is soo handsom! looking into Kristin's eyes you can tell she misses you so much! when i was at the hospital she talked about you so much, she still loves you with everything she has!  and she is so happy that she can hold the baby in her arms! you should be so proud of her for staying so strong and im sure that's because you have taken good care of her! we all wish you were Tommy, it just isn't the same! we all miss you're funny remarks! i can remember coming over to the apartment and you would just make me laugh so much, and i miss that! we all miss that! Kristin and i were talking about how Landen and Little Thomas can be best buds and hopefully keep each other out of trouble, unlike you and Joey geetting into trouble! haha =) but... congrats on that cutie pie of yours! watch over Kristin and baby!
What's up  / Kyle Houser (Friend)  Read >>
What's up  / Kyle Houser (Friend)
Hey Tommy whats up?? Me nothing just sittin at home sick...Man it seems like it has been years since me and Paige saw you go drving by when we were at Dairy Queen...I wanted to stop by and come in and talk to you but I just drove Paige by your car so she could see what I have been talking about since me and her started going out...I cant wait for this baby to come...I am ready for it...I will take care of it for you...Me and Mike are pretty close I know I can count on him for anything...he is like I big Brother to me...I know why he ment so much to you....I am getting a lot better at bowling...thanks for helping me...I know your not there but I know you are helping me...Kristin is doing alright I know you know this but I just wanted you to know...I am trying not to make her sick...cant have any problems with that "baby" well Tommy I am gonna go I will get on and talk to you later...Love ya Tommy Close
watch over everyone please  / Kara Dorna   Read >>
watch over everyone please  / Kara Dorna
Tommy, we think about you all the time, and talk about all the funny shit you said, and we just laugh, and then at the same time, we want to are truely missed and very loved! I know you are watching over Kristin because she is doing a lot better then some others would, Tommy she loves you so much, and I know we can't wait until little Thomas arrives!
It still does'nt seem like you're gone, please watch over everyone and keep them in good hands exspecaily Kristin and the baby because they need that!! love and mis you Tommy!
Love Kara
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